"From the tense moments of its opening to the humorous interactions and eye-opening revelations that are woven through its story, this plucky indie offering never stops excitedly trying to show you another beautiful piece of hand-painted art, a clever puzzle design or a pithy line of dialogue."

"NAIRI: Tower of Shirin is filled with sinister subplots and a wealth of twists. In fact, considering the adorable art style that illustrates it, the game is surprisingly mature – both in terms of theme, and difficulty. The world HomeBearStudio has built for NAIRI is incredibly deep, and there’s so much more that could have been discovered."

"The puzzles are involved enough to keep you occupied, yet not too overwhelming for players who prefer something more casual. This game was clearly made for anyone who enjoys a good story (with lovable characters!) with some point-and-click gameplay goodness in their spare time."

"The game does delve deep into the genre and employs combination techniques and the use of items like a knife for cutting ropes or a key to open the right door. There is some deep lore present as the majority of puzzles is quite extensive or brain breaking. I loved it very much."

"From the glittering sands of the deserts to the gloomy interior of a bandit hideout, you can’t help but appreciate the hand-drawn aesthetic that’s brought this whole world to life."

"Everything is a complete delight to play through, with navigation a breeze - moving through to different areas with a simple mouse click - and interrogation of the places visited being encouraged, in order to uncover plenty of hidden treats."

"I’m not going to go further in the story because oh boy, I don’t even understand why I enjoyed it so much. The hand-drawn art looks amazing, the characters are incredibly cute and charming too. "

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