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01/12/2016 - Post-Kickstarter Update!

Hi, everyone - Joshua here! After a tumultuous yet amazing Kickstarter that ended up with NAIRI being funded, we took a small break to recoup and reassess our game plan.
Now, we’re here to update everyone on what’s been going on behind the scenes!

Despite the interlude, the development process has been chugging along nicely. For now, I (the programmer) am… well, programming the fundamental mechanics of the game!
A lot of that progress is a bit boring to explain, because actual content in terms of characters and stages will be much further along the road.

The word programming didn’t scare you away? Progress, you say?
Well, programmatically, think main menu logic, data serialization for save files, inventory management, that kind of thing.
Take a quick look at how things look like in-game at the moment:

As you can see, it’s all basic stuff. But, basic is important! And there’s more behind all that basic stuff than just the surface! Just take a look at this:

What the heck is that?! Those are tests! See all those green checks? It means stuff is working.
It’s an important thing to do, and it takes a lot of time to create these tests!

See the red warning sign? That right there means I made a mistake!
Thanks to this I can test and see if new code conflicts with old code – that means fewer bugs overall, especially in the future!
It’s good for productivity and estimates, as well as for giving you, our backers, accurate information about the state of the game.

Okay, less boring stuff now. I promise!

NAIRI’s artist, You, has been working on the Intro sequence for NAIRI.
We don’t want to spoil anything, but here’s a simple little teaser and an image to give you an idea of what she’s been up to!

Frame-by-frame animation takes a lot of time! So much, that You’s time was spent on quite a bit of experimentation.
She’s trying different combinations of art-styles, framerates and techniques to reach a standard of quality that doesn’t cost us weeks of work for 30 seconds of animation at a time.
For now, we’re very pleased with what she’s come up with!

That image above? It’s a key-shot from the cut-scene! Can you figure out where that is in Shirin?

And now take a look at how You works on trying to find the proper feel and atmosphere for a scene!
Here’s a glimpse of how the game will start before you take control.
It’s Nairi’s room, where she’s faithfully studying… as always.

So… how do we continue from here? The same way we’ve been doing things so far - we’ll keep working hard!
Now that we’re settled back into dev mode and have rested for a bit, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with new updates that reveal let you know how the game is doing.

For our Involved Bears and up, we’ll also start making short dev-videos that will give you an overview of what we’ve been working on. The videos will show a bit of hands-on footage of actual coding and drawing so that you can see how a game comes together from the inside out!

That's all for now.
See you soon!


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