Hi, everyone!

That's right - we skipped 1.03 entirely!
The reason for this is that it takes a while to release updates on the Nintendo Switch, so we merged the less important 1.03 with the more important update 1.04. This update fixes some left-handed controller issues, and some of Rex's Journal pages are now a bit more helpful.
And that super annoying UI bug where the cross wouldn't work?
That's now fully resolved... finally. Thanks a lot for your patience with that one!


Patch Notes

  • Fixed issue where 'right' button on left JoyCon would not work for collecting coins
  • Fixed several mistakes in Italian language
  • Fixed issues where left JoyCon 'right' button wouldn't work for puzzles
  • Added option to exit puzzle UIs with B,Y, X, +, Down, Left, Up, or - buttons
  • Increased brightness of coffin ropes
  • Fixed button canvas scaling issue
  • Several edits to the Italian language
  • Adjust some of Rex's Journal hints to be more helpful
  • Fixed issue where Bob's legs where missing


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