Update 1.04

UPDATE 1.04   Hi, everyone! That’s right – we skipped 1.03 entirely! The reason for this is that it takes a while to release updates on the Nintendo Switch, so we merged the less important 1.03 with the more important update 1.04. This update fixes some left-handed controller issues, and […]

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Update 1.02

UPDATE 1.02   Hi! This second patch fixes a serious UI bug that has pestered certain players. It also fixes a couple of other rare softlocks and some localization errors. Patch Notes Fixed bug where the exit cross would not be visible for certain UIs. Fixed bug where buttons on […]

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Update 1.01

UPDATE 1.01   Hi, everyone! This first patch is mostly with small tweaks, most of which are localization related issues. Patch Notes Adjusted Chinese flag graphics Fixed small grammar error in the English dialogue Changed colliders in Nada’s room to make it easier to use crowbar Translated missing German sentence […]

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